onOffice uses desk.ly to design their company's hybrid workplace

Who is onOffice ?

The software company onOffice was founded in 2001 as a single company in Aachen. Further offices followed in 2015 in Vienna, Zurich, Turin, Barcelona, Ljubljana, Zagreb and London. onOffice employs over 300 people and has real estate agents, banks, broker networks and prefabricated house manufacturers among its customers.

The company's services include brokerage software that automates the brokerage office and optimises workflows. In addition, onOffice offers the conception and realization of broker websites, search engine optimisation, consulting and image films for brokers.

Flex office and desk sharing in the working world at onOffice: the hybrid working model

With desk.ly's desk sharing application and the solution for hybrid workplaces, home office can be easily and conveniently combined with the office. The flexible working concept consists of a combination of office work on the company's premises and remote work, whether from home, co-working spaces or abroad.

Employee satisfaction is very easy to integrate into the daily work routine thanks to the uncomplicated desk.ly application. The user interface is intuitive and therefore also appreciated by onOffice. Integration with Google or Microsoft services are included. The SSO option with the connection to MS Azure, Office 365 and Google can also be used.

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