HR department - How HR uses to revitalise the staff

When the office isn't filled with employees due to the new home office policy, many HR managers worry about the spirit in the workforce. What if everyone just does their own thing and there is no more exchange? This not only menaces the employee satisfaction, but also the departmental productivity.

We are sure that there is another and better way. With, the HR department has new opportunities to really get the corporate culture going. By combining presence and remote times, employees can easily agree on which days they want to meet.

In the app, colleagues book their workplaces daily and determine their favourite place. This way a culture of encounter within the community thrives that no measure set from above could replace.



  1. Encourage meetings (on-site and remote)
  2. Switch easily between office & home office
  3. Simplify onboarding
  4. Ignite corporate culture

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