About Us

As a team, we work to optimize desk.ly and offer our users the best possible experience every day. Our vision is for everyone to be able to customize their workplace to promote satisfaction, productivity and collaboration.

So Arbeiten wir

This is how we work

 We live desk sharing ourselves and work hybrid 

 Close customer relationships and transparency are important to us 

   To become even better, we think outside the box


Meet the Team

Here at desk.ly, we combine expertise and passion! Every member of our team is full of curiosity, energy and drives our vision forward. Get to know desk.ly and the people behind it.

Our founders


Amir El Sayed


Felix Mohr

Team Product

Head of Dev & Product Owner

Alexander Kunze

Lead Developer Frontend

Julian Görres

Lead Backend Developer

Dominik Seibert

Lead DevOps Engineer

Jan Gloger

Software Developer

Kevin Treise

Software Developer

Thilo Hemmie

Software Developer

Eduard Hermann

UX Engineer

Markus Rettig

Team Sales

Head of Sales

Philipp Jarvers

Account Executive

Sherin Gooch-Hatton

Account Executive

Vanessa Dierkes

Customer Success Manager

Simon Renze

Customer Success Manager

Cedric Haskamp

Customer Success Manager

Ricardo Wanning

Account Executive

Nils Reuther

Sales Operations Specialist

Igor Bashkin

Team Marketing

Head of Growth

Marcel Ölert

Demand Generation Manager

Maren Kleymann

Content Marketing Manager (Video)

Marvin Glasmeyer

Content Strategist

Sarah-Jasmin Poel

Content Marketing Specialist

Alissa Rasche

Content Marketing Specialist

Elisabeth Krampitz

Content Marketing Specialist

Yulia Zhuravleva

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