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Teams around the world optimize their working environment with the workplace management platform desk.ly.

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Teams from every sector trust desk.ly 💙

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More than just a desk sharing software

From booking meeting rooms and parking spaces to analyzing the entire working environment - desk.ly is more than just a desk sharing software. Experience the new way of hybrid work with all the features and integration options of a modern workplace management platform.

Desk Booking

Desk Booking made easy

Book and organize workplaces quickly and easily to adapt the working environment to your team's needs.

Meeting Room Booking

Quick & easy room booking

Easily book meeting rooms with the right equipment and synchronize desk.ly with Google Calendar and Outlook.

Parking Space Booking

Simple booking of parking spaces

Simple, fast and convenient: Use desk.ly to make your parking spaces bookable and never have to fight for a parking space again.

Workplace Analytics

Your office at a glance

Use real data from utilization analysis to manage your office more intelligently, save costs and make it more efficient.

Free trial

Try desk.ly for 14 days free of charge and convince yourself.

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Seamless integration into existing systems

desk.ly can be integrated into existing systems without any IT effort. Use desk.ly directly in MS Teams and create synchronizations with HRIS systems such as Personio and management systems such as Azure and Google Workspace.

All-in-one solution, that everyone loves


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GDPR Compliance
🔒 100% GDPR compliant.

desk.ly meets all requirements of the European GDPR and is data protection compliant as an organization and software. We have tailored our product to the essential legal guidelines such as data protection through technology design with the appropriate default settings (Art. 25 EU GDPR) and support customers in exercising their rights as data subjects (right to erasure, information or data portability; Chapter 3 EU GDPR) and make appropriate adjustments.

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100,000+ happy users worldwide trust desk.ly


Voices from the community

  • ✅ Flexibility & Variety

    "Booking workplaces via a central tool not only relieves the burden on employees, but also ensures more flexibility and variety, as office space is not always shared with the same colleagues!"

  • ✅ Simple organization

    "desk.ly provides more flexibility, better use of space and creates transparency. With just a few clicks, you can see who is in the office and therefore available on site."

  • Real relief

    "The introduction of desk.ly was a real relief for our day-to-day work - the range of functions and the user-friendly interface are a real plus."

  • Show availabilities

    "desk.ly plays a very important role in our office concept. Due to our dynamic growth, we need to display the availability of our workstations using a tool."

  • No longer without

    "desk.ly was introduced due to the increased use of home office. The intuitiveness and functionality were particularly impressive!"

Free whitepaper

Hybrid work with desk.ly

Download our free whitepaper and find out more about the features and possible applications of our Workplace Management Platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about workplace management and hybrid working.

What is a hybrid workplace?

A hybrid workstation, also known as a shared desk, is not just assigned to one permanent employee. The flexible workstation is available to every employee in the company and can be booked via desk sharing software.

What does desk sharing mean?

Desk sharing is a concept in which, for example, workstations, parking spaces or other resources in the company are no longer permanently allocated to employees. Desk sharing software is used to organize these resources via its booking system.

Is my data secure?

The security of your data is important to us: desk.ly is hosted on German servers and meets all European data protection requirements.

How does desk sharing work?

Employees share the available resources in the office with desk sharing. The flexible workstations, also known as shared desks, can be booked via a desk sharing booking system.

Are there restrictions for certain company sizes?

desk.ly is a flexible platform solution that is easily scalable and can be used in companies of any size.

What is the price of desk.ly?

desk.ly is free of charge and without obligation during a test phase. You can then get in touch with our sales team for advice or continue using desk.ly directly with your credit card details.

Can desk.ly be integrated into other systems?

We provide over 25 integrations and are constantly working on further integrations. For example, you can connect desk.ly with Azure AD, Google Workspace or the typical HRIS systems, such as Personio, in just a few clicks.