IT department - Why the IT doesn't get a headache with

Which IT professional hasn't experienced it: colleagues want to implement new software and are persuaded by shiny buttons and big headlines. But at the end of the day, the real work is left to you.

How secure is our user data? Do we have to programme the interface ourselves? All this costs time and money. So you don't want to purchase a new desk sharing software after all? Yes you do, but make the right choice with!

No further programming is necessary to implement in your own structure. Employees simply use our mobile app or the browser version on their computer. is also a great relief for the IT, as user licences are automatically assigned and user administration can be done with just a few clicks. Hence, the new software does not mean a new part-time job for the system administrator.



  1. Data protection made in Germany
  2. Single Sign On with Google or Microsoft
  3. Use of OpenID connect
  4. No programming necessary
  5. Integration in MS Teams

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