New: Assign permissions in our desk sharing tool!

Hybrid Work with Desksharing from

Many customers have approached us and asked for an authorisation feature for departments, teams and individual colleagues. Over the past few weeks, we have worked diligently on this and are now able to present our new feature: Advanced User Management!


The requirement for the desk sharing tool

Only colleagues from the accounting department are allowed to book places in a certain office? There is a "boss's office" with important, confidential documents where only the managing directors are allowed to book in?


Our solution to the requirement

From now on, permissions can be assigned by the admin: It is now possible for users to be assigned to a subcontractor, a department as well as several teams in order to assign permissions to locations, floors, areas and spaces. This makes our desk sharing application even more flexible and organisational.

An example: A large company has locations in Osnabrück, Hamburg, Hannover and Bremen. All employees in Osnabrück are only allowed to work in Osnabrück and therefore only book places there via our desk sharing application. With the new feature "Permissions", this can now be set by the admin so that all colleagues from Osnabrück only see this one location in The admin can set the same for all other locations or, for example, specify that colleagues from Hamburg also work in Bremen and can book workplaces digitally in the desk sharing software.


Here you will find detailed instructions on the user management ➜


If you have specific questions about the individual permission groups, talk to your administrators. If you have any questions about our digital desk sharing tool or its functions, please visit our Help Centre or contact us.

In future, we will continue to develop for the topic of hybrid work with desk sharing and always react to current needs. In order to adapt our tool even better to your wishes, we are always happy to receive feedback and suggestions for improvement.

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