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Hero of the Day: Sandra Garbe

Hero of the Day Sandra Garbe

For Sandra Garbe and the German Business Initiative for Energy Efficiency (DENEFF), is indispensable for managing and organising the desk sharing introduced in the company. The tool has been in use for around 5 months and provides support in everyday work - regardless of whether it is an office presence or home office work.

DENEFF was founded in 2010 as an energy transition network and since then has been campaigning strongly for effective energy policy in Germany and Europe. In doing so, they drive innovations and ideas for a sustainable energy policy and effective climate protection. The DENEFF team is made up of policy and project professionals, a volunteer board and interns.


The advantages of and desk sharing

Due to the Corona pandemic, contacts in the private and professional context had to be limited. In addition, contact tracking was also a big issue, as well as distance regulations. For all this, an optimal solution was found with Despite the lack of space due to distance regulations and more employees than workplaces, was able to create a safe and suitable working environment.


Sandra's favourite features on


Thank you Sandra! With your feedback we can make our product even better and grow together. Many greetings to the whole DENEFF team!

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