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Hero of the Day: Philipp Wenzel

Hero of the Day Philipp Wenzel

For Philipp Wenzel and Discovergy GmbH, is indispensable for managing and organising desk sharing in their company. The tool has been in use since 1st September 2021 and provides support in everyday working life - whether for office presence or home office work.

Discovergy GmbH was founded in 2009 and has its headquarters in Aachen. With more than 170 employees and the corresponding expertise, Discovergy is the leading full-service provider of smart metering solutions. The range of services includes the development and operation of smart electricity meters as well as itemised consumption transparency in apps and web portals. With the help of smart meters, end customers, municipalities, and companies can understand and optimise their consumption or benefit from new digital solutions. Discovergy stands for climate-neutral solutions, individual energy transparency, visualisation, and control as well as self-monitoring and self-consumption. 


The advantages of and desk sharing

Due to the rapid increase in staff with the same office space, a suitable solution was needed. The Corona pandemic also increased home office regulations and not all colleagues needed a fixed workplace, which is why the advantages of desk sharing gained more and more importance and led to the introduction of a corresponding tool in the company. Philipp sees the simple and intuitive use and the low costs as advantages of


Philipp's favourite features on


Thank you very much, Philipp! With your feedback, we can make our product even better and grow together. Many greetings to the entire Discovergy GmbH team!

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