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User Experience

User-friendly, easy, intuitive – that's!


We wanted to develop a desk-sharing application that everyone would understand the first time they used it. We paid attention to modern IT standards when designing so that the impressions as well as the experience of a user interacting with our service does not require an extraordinary training period. The user guidance is from left to right and the navigation points are simple and understandable. They also provide an overview of the streamlined application with a focus on the essentials: Workplace booking in Flex Office.

The integration into Google or Microsoft with the SSO procedure is also a function, which eliminates additional administrative work for the user or the employees – if used.


You have questions and would like to learn more ?

Feel free to make an appointment for a free consultation. Our colleagues will introduce you to our desk sharing tool and answer all your questions. Find out whether Flex Office with desk sharing is the right hybrid workplace concept for your company and really offers the possibilities to optimise the working environment and increase employee satisfaction.

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