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Single Sign On

Simple log in with Single Sign On (SSO)!


To make the handling and user guidance of desk sharing as simple as possible, we have developed the SSO for Google and Microsoft. When using one of the two large services, employees can access all services for which the person is currently registered with the same login after a single authentication. Hence, this saves employees and the company from, unnecessarily, having to use different passwords, and a single login is all that is needed to use the company-related services. Within the services, it is also possible that the identity of the logged-in employee is passed on to the layers constituting the service without the user’s view being made known.

The purpose of the Single Sign On procedure is to relieve the employee or user so that the correct authenticated login only has to be carried out once with the aid of a verification procedure. Subsequent authentications to online services are handled by the SSO mechanism and the login is automatic. Therefore our shared desk application can be easily integrated into your company’s software landscape.


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