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Trusted Shops uses to design its company's hybrid workplace

Who are Trusted Shops ?

Every online shopper has surely heard of or read about it at some time or other. The Trusted Shops logo, which stands for safe shopping in over 20,000 online shops, secures the purchase of final customers. The award, the logo and the technical widget for customer rating and display are only given to the online shop operator if certain requirements of a strict check catalogue are fulfilled. These include, among other things, clear legal texts that must be formulated in a way that is understandable for final customers and contain all the necessary standards, or to check that no hidden costs arise during the purchase, which ensures transparency at all times during the shopping experience. Online shoppers can assume that the awarded online shop can be classified as trustworthy with Trusted Shops and that online shopping is therefore safe. In addition, Trusted Shops offers a useful browser extension that alerts shoppers to so-called Fake-Shops. By coloring the shop red, Trusted Shops warns when a fraudulent company may be behind the fake shop and that a purchase should only be made with caution and by checking the legal texts, as well as possibly researching the domain on the Internet and using empirical values. Don't worry if the package doesn't arrive: Trusted Shops offers end customers buyer protection and protects purchases up to €20,000, regardless of the payment method chosen in the online shop. The final customer may not get the parcel on the desired delivery date, however each customer has a money-back guarantee from Trusted Shops. Large brands and online shops such as,,, or are among the Trusted Shops users (as of December 2021). Just look out for it the next time you shop online and be sure that your purchase is protected and secure.

Flex office and desk sharing in the working world at Trusted Shops: the hybrid working model

With's desk sharing application and hybrid workspace solution, it is easy and convenient to combine home office with the office. The flexible working concept consists of a combination of office work on the company's premises and remote work, whether from home, co-working spaces or abroad.

Employee satisfaction is very easy to integrate into the daily work routine thanks to the uncomplicated application. The user interface is intuitive and therefore also very appreciated by Trusted Shops, the testing platform for online shops with the well-known seal of approval. Integration with Google or Microsoft services is included. The SSO option with the connection to MS Azure, Office 365 and Google can also be used.

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