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Desk sharing: Why?

Desk sharing: Why?

Since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, there have been various modern forms of work and workplace concepts for networking home office and office. Desk sharing to manage workplaces is doing particularly well here. Even though the transformation was sometimes difficult for companies and employees due to them having to get used to the new workplace organisation first, it has many advantages. To ensure success, it is advisable to equip the workplaces in the same way and to establish rules such as “leave the desk the way you want to find it”.



Efficient use of resources and cost savings

The main goal of desk sharing in the hybrid modern workplace concept is to make better and more effective use of existing resources and thus to save the budget. Workplaces that are shared with each other are less likely to be empty when colleagues are absent due to illness, for example, or are in the home office. If this form of organisation saves office space, desks, chairs and so on, desk sharing can reduce costs and can also be described as particularly sustainable.


More flexibility and creativity

In connection with desk sharing, hardly any term comes up more often than “flexibility”. Book a workplace flexibly,  how, when and where you need it. This makes working much more relaxed and better adapted to your own individual needs. The daily exchange with colleagues with whom you otherwise have less contact improves communication in the company and leads to a lively, creative exchange of ideas and flow of information. The Flex Office is a modern office concept in the field of New Work with many advantages.


Empathy and information exchange

Due to the changing seat neighbours, it is necessary to adjust to the new work situation as well as the new seat neighbours on a daily basis. This requires empathy, which is trained by this situation. Every staff member learns how to deal with different people and their ways of working. In this way, staff members who have different subject areas and work focuses and who work in different departments also get to talk to each other. Networking and a better understanding among each other takes place. Approaches to solutions can be developed with several points of view and thus new perspectives and ideas can be created. 


Employee satisfaction and employer branding

The high degree of flexibility can also increase employee satisfaction. They feel more comfortable, can switch between home office and office and thus achieve a good work-life balance. The image, especially advantageous in the human resources and recruiting area of the company, can also be improved with this help. A survey by EY (2021) says that many employees want more flexibility and would like to work two to three days remotely even after the Corona pandemic (


Flat hierarchies

If the principle of “equal rights for all” is taken into account in desk sharing, this can lead to a reduction of rigid hierarchies. Because everyone – from interns to managers – participates in this concept.



Then try our desk sharing tool for free. Desk sharing is very easy and intuitive to use. Employees can book places online and set them up for a specific duration (morning, afternoon, whole day). This means that no time is lost looking for a job. In addition, booking ahead of time can help staff settle in and take away uncertainty, as everyone can book the seat where he or she wants to sit.


It pays to be quick!

All companies that register by 31st July 2022 will use free of charge until 31 December 2022. After that, these companies will receive a reduced price of 0.20€ per user* per month. Register now!


Our tip for you:

In order to successfully implement a desk sharing concept, it is important to set up rules and involve all employees from the beginning. Here are 5 tips with examples for a conflict-free flex office:

  1. provide all your employees with the same equipment. This includes, for example, a laptop, a mouse and keyboard and, if necessary, a mouse pad.
  2. provide identically designed workstations and, in addition to a table and a chair, provide a docking station, a monitor, a desk lamp and, if necessary, a laptop stand. 
  3. height-adjustable desks and chairs ensure that every employee can use the workplace without getting health problems.
  4. a clean desk policy ensures that every workplace remains clean and is left as you found it. This means that used coffee cups belong in the dishwasher and no notes are left on the desk.
  5. In order to ensure that every employee has the opportunity to leave private items in the office, storage facilities for private items should be created in the form of mobile containers, lockers or boxes, for example.