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Identify and address pain points of financial managers

When important decisions have to be made or new tools introduced, the opinions of various decision-makers often have to be taken into account and reconciled. For example, the choice of a suitable hybrid work platform also involves various employees. Among them are financial managers, who have to assess potential financial risks and opportunities and provide the necessary financial resources. In the following article, we identify potential pain points and offer solutions.


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  1. Cost forecast
  2. Acceptance by employees
  3. ROI, flexibility and scalability
  4. Everything at a glance!


In almost every company there are financial managers who manage the finances of the organisation and ensure that the financial resources are used in a resource-saving and benefit-maximising way. New investments in particular require the expenditure of financial resources - including the acquisition of licences for a hybrid work platform. But what are the pain points and what needs to be considered?


Cost forecast

One of the biggest and main points for finance managers is of course the cost of the tool itself. Pain points may include concerns about initial costs and ongoing maintenance and support costs. Also, there may be costs for integrating with existing systems and software. In addition to the cost of extra man-hours, there may also be concerns about compatibility issues or the risk of data loss due to errors.

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Acceptance by employees

If the desk sharing tool is to be used by the employees, the finance manager may be concerned about whether the employees will adopt and use it. Difficulties in using the tool could disrupt and slow down workflows, resulting in additional costs. In addition to this, the finance manager also needs to calculate budget for possible training and support to ensure that staff have the necessary resources to use the tool effectively.

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ROI, flexibility and scalability

Another pain point can be the return on the investment in a desk sharing tool. Since the finance manager also has to assess possible risks, he/she wants to make sure that the tool will meet the growing needs of the company and can be easily expanded if necessary.

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Everything at a glance!

As a finance manager, investing in a desk sharing tool can bring significant benefits to the organisation, such as cost savings, increased productivity and more efficient use of office space. However, before making a decision, it is important to consider and weigh up potential issues associated with implementing such a tool. These not only include the initial cost itself, but also the cost of integration with existing systems, training and support. By carefully evaluating these factors and choosing a provider that can address these concerns, an informed decision can be made that will benefit both companies and employees alike. 

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