How can I add users?

In our desk sharing tool you can quickly and easily add new users.

In the user administration, which can be reached under the admin area and the sub-item "Users", new users can be added manually. To do so, you can create a person directly or upload a bulk import. We also provide you with an import template in which you can edit existing users and add new ones.

Note: Every employee can create an account at All that is needed is the email address, which is used to add the person to the appropriate company. Relevant for this are the correct domains, which must be maintained.

This is how it looks like:

1. Open "Users" under the admin area.

How can I add users_1

2. Click on "Add User" to add a person.

How can I add users_2

3. Enter all the necessary information and click save.

How can I add users_3

4. For a bulk import, use the "Import Users" button and follow the instructions in the pop-up.

How can I add users_4