Our Product Roadmap

A transparent view into the exciting new features we're currently developing, planning or thinking about to make desk.ly continuously better for you! If it is not on this list, it does not mean we're not thinking about it. Our Roadmap just shows what we are currently considering to deliver to you in the future - this may and will change regularly.

We would also love to hear about your own great ideas for desk.ly, please do let us know!

(Notice: All planned and developing features and their functionality may change at any time.)

In Progress

Features that are actively in development.

  • Outlook Calendar Synchronization

    Synchronize bookings and resources automatically with Microsoft 365 integration into desk.ly.

  • Google Calendar Synchronization

    Synchronize bookings and resources automatically with Google Workspace integration into desk.ly.

  • Open REST API

    RESTful API to enable the integration of third party systems.

  • Week overview

    A comfortable overview of your week and bookings of relevant coworkers.

  • API via Zapier

    Integrate specific functions with third party systems via the Zapier service.

Planned Soon

Features that are going into development soon.

  • Time-based booking rules

    Blocking of resources for specific time periods as well as across-the-board for entire weekdays.

  • Priority bookings

    Selected user groups may book certain resources with priority. In case of non-occupancy, automatic release for all others at short notice.

  • Bulk zone booking

    Simplified booking of entire zones for teams.

  • Cancellation evaluation

    Evaluation of canceled bookings according to various criteria.


Features that we are planning for the future.

  • Reminders

    desk.ly reminds your users about missing future bookings via e-mail or mobile app push.

  • Improved Booking Process

    We still have many ideas how to make the core booking process even better and more comfortable.

  • Schedule Optimizer

    Discover the perfect time for your team meetings by utilizing your and your colleagues' existing bookings with our schedule planner.