Book a zone for your team quickly and easily!


With the "Zones" feature, you can quickly and easily book an entire area in the company for your team. This eliminates the individual booking process of your colleagues, because there are enough places available in the booked zone so that everyone can find an optimal workplace.

This feature not only makes the booking process faster, but also the organisation within your team. With an individual booking, it is currently the case that you have to agree in advance where a team should sit (e.g. on team day) or each person has to look up where colleagues have booked in order to find seats near them. With zone booking, it is sufficient if, for example, the team leader or head of department books an area in the company with the corresponding number of workplaces required for the entire team. Each employee can then choose a place in the booked zone on site in the morning. This simplifies organisation and enables faster, more relaxed collaboration. 

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